1. When it comes to Metabolism, toddlers clearly prefer Kisho Kurokawa. Now available at http://tinymodernism.com.

  2. Had a fun little trunk show with Belly Sesame this afternoon at Los Angeles County Store on Sunset Blvd. Thanks, guys!

  3. Tiny Modernism & Belly Sesame will be at Los Angeles County Store in Silver Lake for a trunk show Sunday afternoon from 2-4 PM.

  4. Getting another Rem & Norman & Renzo & Jean toddler tee ready for shipping. This one here is now en route to Toronto, eh.

  5. Studio Daniel Libeskind just started following Tiny Modernism on Instagram, so here’s our poetically wrinkled Zaha & Frank & Daniel & Thom onesie just for you guys (and for Zaha & Frank & Thom).

  6. Is his new Mini Bauhaus tee making Cana from LA dream about a bright future in architecture? (Thanks for the epic photo, Greg Christman.)

  7. We’re very excited that treehaus, a brand-new boutique in LA’s Atwater Village, is now carrying Tiny Modernism. Find their cute store at 3229B Glendale Blvd, right on the Atwater Village ‘strip’.


  8. Hey architects parents, here are some reading essentials for your future theorists.

  9. Little Zachariah from New York City proudly showing off his excellent taste in modernist architecture.

  10. Little Henry from Pasadena is sure liking his new Mini Bauhaus t-shirt. Walter Gropius would be so proud.